People within the autism spectrum often face problems. Where can I find help? What services can I use? And who are my contacts? In order to answer such questions more efficiently, the group of “Social Potentials in Autism” has set up an Autism-Network-Meeting.  Various institutions from research, medicine, education and business are working together in order to strengthen, expand and innovate aid offers.

Therefore, a meeting is set up once a quarter during which further steps and projects are planned and organised.

Dates and Records

Are you interested in or want to follow one of our meetings? We record each meeting carefully to keep track of our process as well as possible. The links to the records of the last meetings are listed here:

  1. Meeting held on 17th May 2019
  2. Meeting held on 13th November 2019
  3. Meeting held on 21st February 2020
  4. Meeting held on 12th June 2020
  5. Meeting held on 09th October 2020
  6. Meeting held on 21st January 2021
  7. Meeting held on 23rd April 2021
  8. Meeting held on 2nd July 2021

Network Partners

Soon our partners, who regularly participate in our meetings, will be listed and linked here.